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Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Item Quantity: 1
Power Source: Battery Powered
Special Feature: Long Range, High Power, Adjustable Light Modes, Rechargeable, Beam Adjustable

SKU: Flashlight-09 Category:

– Our flashlight’s high lumens are 30 times brighter than a regular LED flashlight, and it can effortlessly illuminate an area of 200 square meters, with a maximum illumination distance of up to 3,280 feet. With an astonishingly high lumen output, exceeding 990000 lumens, this flashlight effortlessly pierces through the darkness, illuminating the darkest corners and casting a brilliant, far-reaching beam of light
– Equipped with high-capacity rechargeable bāttery, and an efficient LED chip, our rechargeable flashlights’ high lumens can last up to 12 hours of continuous use without worrying about frequent recharging, making the rechargeable LED flashlight a reliable companion during extended outdoor adventures
– The rechargeable flashlights feature a built-in fast charging chip with a USB intelligent charging port, resulting in a 30% increase in charging speed. It only takes 3 hours to fully charge. The four indicator lights on the flashlight’s high lumens rechargeable provide clear bāttery status updates (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
– Compared with other powered led rechargeable flashlights, our flashlight chip has a longer range, clearer edges, a stronger beam, no annoying grid lines, and a clearer field of view, and is more suitable for activities such as field searching and patrolling.
– Product Dimension: 3.99 x 3.30 x 16.69 cm; 0.39 kg.


  1. Miguel Keenan

    Small flashlight that can fill a room! Great value for the cost.

  2. Miguel Keenan

    Extremely bright and has various lighting modes/effects. It charges so no batteries to purchase- just have to keep it charged.

  3. Stewart Goldberg

    There is nothing to dislike about this flashlight. Very bright.

  4. Brett Meyers

    This one is spot on and does everything it says it will do. Don’t contemplate…just get this one!

  5. Joe Swan

    I work at night and in very dark places, this light is fantastic, quick charging and a good value.

  6. Ron Richardson

    It’s way brighter than it needs to be, can be focused into either a wide funnel or a focused beam, has multiple brightnesses and can be recharged.

  7. Clifford Marshall

    This is amazing! I love it! Perfect! Exactly as advertised. 

  8. Norman Lutz

    So freaking bright! Several modes, don’t care so much about them. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE the vividly bright that could be a freaking spot light bright. It’s AWESOME!

  9. Scott Kaufman

    Highly recommended!

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